Welcome To KQ-Empire

KQ-EMPIRE - Digital Luxury Lifestyle Magazine For Women Of Colour


Welcome to KQ-EMPIRE

From Founder, Michelle Devonish

I believe KQ-EMPIRE to be an extraordinary digital magazine, carefully designed to support, inspire and empower women of colour.

An award-winning entrepreneur for over three decades, within the hospitality and the luxury goods sector, I am confident KQ will be a riveting, inspiring and powerful experience – somewhat indulgent too.

Recently becoming a consultant within the afro-hair industry, I truly recognised, through my clients just how far we have come with our spending ability, and how much we are willing to spend when we have a strong desire to obtain what we want.

Doctors, lawyers, business owners, property developers, executives, you name it, women of colour are eating and breathing their hustle to success!

KQ readers are now high achievers within their own business’s and their chosen professional career paths – pushing the boundaries and creating the success they deserve.

Packed with fashion, fine jewellery, property, automobile and travel, KQ will also be supported by the key fundaments to what makes a KQ reader tick!

KQ readers have faced various types of adversities unique to only them whether it is through her upbringing, education, relationships and or negativity within her career paths. All of which carves a unique breadth of woman.

With these adversities comes a refined and robust woman who knows exactly what she wants out of her life and that of her children.

She is now bolder and braver than ever before. She is highly significant in arena’s she would have previously thought she did not belong. She is now a trendsetter able to open unfamiliar doors for herself and others.

Displaying her success through her carefully designed lifestyle and specific purchases proves to herself and the world that she is a strong and beautiful woman. She is now a success in the eyes of those who told her she wouldn’t be or made her feel that she wouldn’t be.

KQ readers are not all millionaires, and it’s safe to say she wasn’t raised with a golden spoon in her mouth.

She has been cultivated with an undeniable hunger and resilience to provide the lifestyle she so deserves for herself and her children.

A KQ reader can often be found as the head of her household, owning her own homes, and providing a good lifestyle for her family – this alone drives her to catapult to levels she didn’t even know was possible for women like her.

She is motivated by those who inspire her, those whom she can relate to on a deeper level.

Business and investments are important factors for a KQ reader. Where she arrived from didn’t come easy, therefore she will ensure her lifestyle is not just luxurious but also surrounded and supported by an environment capable of providing her with generational wealth, building her strong foundations – her EMPIRE!

I very much look forward to this exciting and extraordinary journey together.
Word of warning… buckle up, because she’s fierce, she’s vibrant she’s a power-house of strength, she’s a KQ woman ready to scrutinise what you have to offer her!


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