Welcome to KQ-EMPIRE

From Founder, Michelle Devonish

I believe KQ-EMPIRE to be an outstanding digital magazine. KQ continuously establishes itself as a source of support and inspiration for women of colour. An award-winning entrepreneur for over three decades within the hospitality and the luxury goods sector, I am confident KQ will provide an empowering experience – indulging your passions too.

Recently, I’ve become a consultant within the afro-hair industry. Through my clients, I recognized how far we have come with our spending ability; what we are willing to spend to fulfill our desires.

Doctors, lawyers, business owners, property developers, executives – women of colour are wholly devoted to their professional journey. KQ readers have established themselves as achievers in their professional lives – pushing the boundaries until reaching the success that they deserve.

KQ comes packed with the passions of readers: Fashion, fine jewellery, property, investments, automobile, well-being and travel. KQ readers have faced individual adversities unique to them. Whether through upbringing, education, relationships, or negativity within career paths, overcoming these trials has formed solid and exemplary female identities.

With these adversities comes a refined, robust woman; A woman with clarity on what she seeks to achieve for herself and her children. Bolder and braver, she rises to prominence in arenas previously unbecoming of her. She has grown to be a trendsetter and innovator, opening unfamiliar doors for herself and others.

Displaying her success through her carefully designed lifestyle and specific purchases proves her strength and beauty as an individual. She has boldly defined herself above the judgment of others.

KQ readers are not all millionaires, and it’s safe to say their achievements have been reached by overcoming honest struggles. She has claimed her confidence – cultivated an undeniable hunger and resilience to provide the lifestyle she so deserves for herself and her children.

A KQ reader is often the head of her household. She is motivated to provide for her loved ones and inspired by the individuals she can relate to on a deeper level. Business and investments are also an essential factor for a KQ reader. She has come a long way and has worked very hard to provide and maintain a luxurious lifestyle and supportive environment. She has built a strong foundation for her empire.

I very much look forward to this exciting and extraordinary journey together. Buckle up, for the KQ woman is a fierce, vibrant powerhouse of strength.